Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gyun Hur Installation at Lenox Square

Spent the day assisting Gyun Hur install the Flux Projects-funded Spring Hiatus at Lenox Square Mall. Lots and lots and lots of shredded silk flowers in very straight lines. Since there's no glue holding them down it required an obscene amount of control and an obsessive attention to detail. It was quite fun.

Thankfully, I had my own tweezers for plucking out strays from the wrong line. I also tried to help find a way to compensate for the slope in the floor that was causing the lines to very slightly bow in a certain area. Also thankfully I had a laser level in my car. Battery was pretty much dead though, so it wasn't very illuminating.

It's so weird that I had my own tweezers and laser level isn't it? Not really. After the Lenox install I was headed to install my own Blood Brother's paraphernalia for the performance the next day. Good tweezers are very handy for installing vinyl lettering. More on the Blood Brothers performance to come.

A video by Flux about Gyun's work is below:

Flux Film 007 | Hur from Proper Medium on Vimeo.

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