Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My medal design for Atlanta BeltLine Running Series selected for Eastside 10K race

My winning submission 3D rendering. Though this text says Southwest 5K,
the design will be modified and the medal will be for the Eastside 10K.
Yesterday, despite near disaster thanks to Kinkos, a BeltLine committee selected my design for the Eastside 10k Running Series race on December 3, 2011. Chris Wright's design was selected for the Southwest 5K.

The medals will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each age group and for male and female categories, 66 medals total. They will be cast in iron.

Next step is some design revisions to show some attachment possibilities (ribbon, wall mount, vertical stand etc.) and to bring elements from both medal designs over to the other to make them feel like they're from the same family. I'll also obviously be changing the text to the Eastside information.

Here are my initial design sketches, with different colors denoting different height elevations:

From the Illustrator sketches I created a 3D model in Rhino (shown above). After the design is approved by BeltLine, the model will be output to a 3D rapid prototyping printer, and from there sand molds and finally cast in iron by the always molten Allen Peterson.

More to follow once revisions are complete and the process moves along.

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