Friday, March 4, 2011

Be My Blood Brother - March 3, 2011 Performance

Be My Blood Brother, Performance (5 hours), 3-11-11, Atlanta, GA

Yesterday marked the inaugural performance of Be My Blood Brother (or Blood Brothers) at the ACA Sculpture Gallery in Atlanta, GA from 11am-4pm. I now have 25 more Brothers in my Family Tree.

The next performance will coincide with the March 11th Castleberry Hill Art Stroll at the Granite Room during the Paint By Numbers group show. Please, mark your calendar. I want to be your Brother. Each performance starts a new branch of the Family Tree. The more performances you attend, the more more you become connected to the new members of the Family.

My press release went something like this:
Nathan Sharratt’s latest public injunction, Blood Brothers, invites viewers to participate in the time-honored ritual of bonding by blood. Sharratt will present several ingredients for a traditional entertainment-centric blood analog, conspicuously combine them and apply the solution to a dull knife blade. The viewer and the artist will then commence with the ritual action of palm cutting and clasping, begging the question, is blood truly the strongest bond? Each brother will receive a certificate of brotherhood and be included into that performance's Family Tree.
Ingredients included Father, Mother, Ancestor (Paternal),
Ancestor (Maternal), and Purity



New members of my Family Tree.
Brothers received a Certificate of Brotherhood, sealed with thumbprints in the
constructed blood from our bonding.


Items from my Past Life are stored in a briefcase for the duration of the performance.

The performance was streamed live over the internet. Part one:

More images can be found on my Flickr account. I will be posting about the process including some production images soon.

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