Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here it goes (again?)

Making the transition from commercial art to fine art is no small task. In NYC, sculpture was never really an option. It was difficult enough carrying a flat portfolio through the subway, can you imagine trying to navigate the city with some bigass hunk of metal with sharpened edges? Unless you've got a shop, a truck and ample storage space, it just isn't realistic.

However, now that I've made the move to Atlanta, and have a house, a workshop and a vehicle, the world of possibilities suddenly seems endless.

I've started uploading images to a new portfolio site, that will focus on my fine art, and will actually be updated regularly as I make new work. I've had for ages, but haven't touched it since the early 2000s. My TShirts and music are still there, but that's about it.

I'll be using this site as a way to explore my process and influences so it can hopefully be shown that, for example, my decision to use fake blood as a material may be slightly less creepy that it first appears.

Maybe not.

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